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Hey Jonas I did the half ironman this weekend, coach. Here are some pics! I finished in 6:53. I shocked myself, by staying under 7 hours. Just wanted to share with you since I wouldn’t be doing ANY of this if you hadn’t pushed me so hard that first day of training. I thought I was going to die…but I didn’t. From then on, I knew my body was capable of more than I had ever realized! Laura P.

THANK YOU JONAS! You saved my waistline!
Lynn A

Jonas – just wanted to say THANK YOU. Been doing the boot camp 2-3 times a week (travel for work too) and have already seen some GREAT results – fitting into older jeans, feeling much stronger. Been focusing on eating well too. This is pretty amazing stuff, glad I signed up for the next one too – see you tomorrow!


Been there….done that, boot camper, Oh, I lost 25 lbs since beginning my New Orleansboot camp in June 08! I’m still trying to lose 7 more pounds. ( they are the hardest to lose)

Jane Wolfe

Hi Jonas, can you believe it! I already signed up for the April program and encouraged a good friend, Julia, to join me. Julia also knows Gretchen. I am enjoying the workouts. Having worked out with you one on one, I can tell that you are diligent in your lesson plans. For example, today you worked on strength. I am only using 3lbs for now.

Mary G

Thanks to New Orleans Boot Camp, I stepped on the scale today. For the FIRST time in my life, it read 114.5 lbs. Amazing. Thanks for the guidance. See you tomorrow.


Hi Jonas, I am currently enrolled in my first boot camp with you (camp 3) and cannot believe the results I have already seen in such a short time. Thanks.

Amanda Mobley

Hi Jonas, This will be my 3rd camp. I didn’t get measurements and body fat at the beginning so won’t do it now. My measure of progress is how I feel, how my clothes fit and, yes, I do care what my scale says. (I know I shouldn’t!) . I do want to share with you some numbers….Since starting camp 2/11, I have lost 15#, my Total Cholesterol has decreased by 25 points and my systolic blood pressure has decreased by 20 points. Not bad! Looking forward to Monday. See you then…….

Charlene Willard

Dear Jonas, I just wanted to say thanks for your great instruction at boot camp. it was a great workout, kind of fun and very challenging. I am thankful for the experience. Sincerely,

Robin Philips

Because of Jonas I can run with a triathlon group – the first time I started boot camp I could barely make it around the parking lot – now I can go all the way around the park and half way on the fly!! Getting better every time – so thank you, thank you!!! Go me!!!

Mary Quarls
Sales & Event Coordinator

So I did it, I signed up for Nola Boot Camp. I have to admit that on my firstday of Boot Camp with Jonas, I was pretty freaked out. I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into and I “paid” for this –are you kidding me?! As I exercised, I wondered how much longer — is it almost 6:30am? However, as soon as Jonas said that class was over, I found myself wanting more. I thought, “I could have done better. I’ll do better tomorrow.” I felt a real since of accomplishment and found myself looking forward to the next day. I also love the variety. Every day Jonas has us doing something different which keeps the class interesting and challenging. Boot camp keeps me motivated and inspired and I can’t believe how my stamina has increased. After two Boot Camps, I shaved 4 minutes off of the mile run and I somehow have energy that lasts all day! This class is amazing!

Elizabeth Coulon
Casting Director
Coulon Casting, LLC

I look forward to continuing boot campnext month, It has made a big difference in my life! Sincerely,

Gretchen Schultz, PT CWS

Thanks to Jonas’s New Orleasn boot camp program on the backpacking trip I went on a few weeks ago, I was the only one who didn’t get muscle cramps. Including the guys! woo hoo!

Rachel B. Nicolosi

Hey Jonas, I need to tell you that I finished my 3rd half marathon this year 2 weeks ago. Actually, I left for the San Antonio Rock ‘N Rollathon the same day as our last day of Boot Camp last session, November.My normal time to complete a 1/2 is 3 hours 4 minutes. I so wanted to beat my time. I came in at 2 hours 46 minutes. I was so excited, I sent Marc Thonn a text saying Nola Boot Camp rocks because I know it is from my extra training. I’m going start training for a full that I want to complete in the fallof next year. Boot Camp has been great for building stamina and speed. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your program.

Samantha Mahler

Jonas, I think I did a real sit-up at the gym the other day…haven’t been able to do one in over 14 years. Amazing! I am also able to mop my entire house without backpain. Don’t know if I will thank you for that one.

Lynn Grimm

This fitness and weight loss program is honestly the best gift I have given myself. It is motivating, stimulating and challenging…everything my old routine lacked. It jumpstarts my day and I have met a wonderful group of women from all walks of life. I receive dedicated personal instruction – I couldn’t ask for anything more in an exercise program. You need to do this for yourself.

Kristin Daniels

I have somewhat of an unusual testimonial I thought I’d share with you. On Wednesday after our hike I had a dentist appointment to have a crown work up on a tooth that broke. My dentist is here in Yorba Linda, and her name is Caroline Dang…..she’s a great dentist. She was drilling away on my tooth when the anesthetic started to wear off…..I motioned her, and she stopped and gave me another shot and continued. She still wasn’t finished when I felt the pain coming back again…..she had to stop again and give me yet a third shot to numb me so she could finish. She couldn’t understand why the medication was going through me so quickly because I had to have a crown once before and that didn’t happen. I mentioned that I had just gone on a “climb up Mt. Everest” that morning and she said that was it… metabolism was running so high that the medication was running through my body faster than normal. She was impressed… was I! I really enjoyed the hike….even though I am so badly out of shape, I just hung in there and made it to the top… everyone else…..and boy was that view gorgeous! I appreciate that you lag behind for us slower ones… make us feel so good about ourselves…..I can’t wait for next Wednesday’s hike! Thank you.

Barbara Taylor

I was completely bored with exercising. I have exercised my whole life and needed a change. It’s great to be excited about my workout program again. I’m beginning by 3rd camp soon!

Pat Beckman, age 68

The New Orleans Adventure Boot Camp is simply the best! I particularly like the variety of activities and the sense of fun that’s built into the program. I really felt like I was getting the maximum benefit out of the program. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and overall health.

Linda Landers

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about something entitled “Boot Camp”. I envisioned a lot of yelling and not the most nurturing environment. However, since day one of camp, I have been nothing but thrilled to wake up and hang out with my newly acquainted friends. After two camps, I have learned so many new exercises that have stirred muscles I didn’t know I had! The biggest change for me has occurred in my arms, hips and abs. I feel so much leaner and firm. I’m into a size 4 and my energy level has seen a significant boost. So, whether it’s interval training with weights or yoga and Pilates, I look forward to every morning’s new adventure.

Lisa M.

Wow! What can I say about Boot Camp. I can say so much I don’t know where to begin. I am 32 years old and have tried many different things to try and get myself into shape. Including working out with a personal trainer that cost me ALOT of money and just ended up hurting my knees. When I thought about doing Boot Camp the idea of getting up to workout at 5:30 in the morning freaked me out a little. Well, I am currently involved in my second camp. After the first 4 week camp I noticed a difference in my body composition that I never had prior. I have never really had a weight problem, yet was never really toned either. My legs and butt were on the flabby side, and as I get older I noticed it getting worse. Right now I feel so good in my clothes – I can’t believe it. People have noticed a change in my body. My hips had started getting little fat pockets on the sides and those are GONE! I am amazed at the results of the training that John gives us. Getting up and working out at 5:30 has been easy to adjust to and believe it or not, I have lots of energy throughout the day. I Love Camp and Jonas Deffeis one of the nicest guys I know. He is not your typical arrogant personal trainer type guy. He is awesome. He is so knowledgeable and so helpful in the morning to everyone in the camp. I can’t say enough good things about him. I I love camp and I love what is happening to my body as a result of it! Thank you for the dedication to all of us! You are awesome!

Lisa Gray

In February of this year, I started my first boot camp with Jonas Deffes, I must say I was a bit unsure of my strength and abilities. Could I even keep up? Boot Camp? I’ve been there before! In 1988 I left the United States Marine Corps after serving eight years and being in the best shape of my life. Now, I’m a 47 year old female, 50 pounds overweight and in the worst shape of my life. I allowed allowed the corporate demons to suck up my soul for the past 12 years. I have tried every diet in the book from Weight Watchers, Fit For Life, drugs and personal training – unsuccessfully. Now it was time for a rebirth and I knew boot camp would do it. But could I handle it 22 years later when waking up at 0430 is a challenge in itself . Well Jonas Deffes makes sure everyone at camp finds their personal success as he lifts our spirits and demands that each of us embrace our personal strength to the best of our abilities. As this was accomplished so was a gradual physical, emotionaltal transformation. Now while attending my third boot camp, I am stronger, healthier, with noticeable increased energy levels and have dropped one dress size. I have achieved my personal goals and much more . My weight, I no longer worry about because I feel too good to be preoccupied my with negative thoughts. This is truly a life changing experience and if your ready for the commitment, join the journey, come aboard. If not, stay home and sleep your way through life! I did it for 12 years. 🙂 !! Sempre Fi

Pat Ortegel

I have been away from a fitness lifestyle for years. I replaced fitness for watching my bottom lines grow. I saw John’s ad and was compelled to act for two reasons: #1: it didn’t sound like a sissy camp. #2: I had no time management rationalizations to use against exercising locally from 5:30-6:30am, a time slot previously reserved for snoring. What is the result? I have more energy and I am proud of myself for getting something started. I did not choose this program because of Jonas’s extensive credentials. Now that I have done this for two weeks, I know that it is his expertise at working different muscle groups every day & incorporating different exercises that has made the workout difficult, and yet possible for me. The variety keeps it fresh and makes it a total body workout. I would highly recommend this program for anyone seeking to rekindle their love for a fitness lifestyle.

Melinda, Coto de Caza

I arrived at Nola boot camp overweight and out of shape – a true couch potato who loved food and hated exercise. But, I knew it was time for a change and John’s boot camp sounded like just the cure. What I was really looking for was something to jump start me into better fitness and eating habits. What could be better than four weeks of intense fitness training with other women under the guidance of an experienced trainer? And the classes were great! The variety of activities and pace of the class made the hour fly by each day. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of hard work. Jonas pushed me harder than I would ever push myself working out alone. But he also allowed for the individual abilities of each participant. It didn’t matter that I was the slowest or the weakest. What matters is that I worked at and improved at everything. And the results are impressive. During the four weeks, I lost eight pounds. I lost two inches each around my chest, waist, and hips. I also lost over one inch on each arm and leg. I improved my one mile run time by 10%. Plus, I have more energy than ever. Best of all, it has given me just the boost I was looking to attain. I’m now eating better, sleeping better, and exercising regularly. I have the hope and belief that I can continue my new fitness habits and my journey to a leaner and healthier me. And I’m looking forward to returning to future boot camps to challenge myself again.

Diana, RSM